The courier

Please familiarize yourself with the instructions in order to be properly prepared when the courier arrives.

timer_20_s The courier will wait a maximum of 10 minutes.

Sample evaluation

Please note that in order to properly evaluate the sample in our laboratory, it is necessary to carefully follow all the steps contained in this manual, otherwise the sample will not be evaluated.

Measuring cup
Collection tube
Adhesive label
Two plastic bags
Absorbent pad
Marker pen

Application form


On the day of collection, before courier arrives, fill in the electronic application form at Do not fill in an application form before the day of collection, otherwise the result will not be evaluated correctly.

warning_outlined If more than one person is being tested, each person must have completed their own electronic application form.


After successful registration, you will receive a 9-digit code (in the format GHC XXXXXXXXX) via SMS and e-mail. On the adhesive label, fill in the 9-digit code, which will be used for sample identification.


Do not eat, drink carbonated drinks, or perform oral hygiene for at least one hour before the collection of the sample.

The powder in the collection tube is needed for stabilization. Do not spill it out or consume it!

1 Wash hands

Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the package.

2 Put water

Put 5 ml of water into the measuring cup.

3 Cough

Take a deep breath and cough.

4 Gargle

Pour the contents of the measuring cup into your mouth and gargle for 20 - 30 seconds
. If you accidentally swallow, repeat the procedure from the 2nd step.

5 Spit

Spit the gargled contents into the collection tube with the powder (which you will leave there).

6 Pour

Carefully pour the contents of the measuring cup into the collection tube.

warning_outlined Do not spill out or consume the powder inside of the tube.

7 Shake

Close the tube very carefully and shake it.

8 Fill in

On the adhesive label, fill in the name, phone number, and 9-digit code from the electronic application form (in the format GHC XXXXXXXXX) with the marker pen. The sample cannot be evaluated without the code!

9 Stick

Stick the filled-out label onto the collection tube.

10 Pack

First place the tube, together with the absorbent pad, into the transparent bag, and then into the black zip bag.

warning_outlined Do not put this back in the box!

11 Leave

Leave the packaged tube in a predesignated place for the courier. The courier will pick it up contactlessy.

You will receive the results by the next day via SMS and e-mail.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected].